Nunthorpe & Middlesbrough Council

This webpage is dedicated to the deepening rift between the Nunthorpe community and Middlesbrough Council.

In so many ways the Council is treating Nunthorpe with disrespect in not listening to any of the many sounds of discontent over so many issues. We hope to develop this webpage into a series of statements highlighting the fact that Nunthorpe contributes a considerable amount of Council Tax to the Town Hall but receives very little in return - in both physical assets and in the Local Authority apparently never listening to the voice of Nunthorpe expressed through democratic representation.

May 2013

Nunthorpe Parish Council has advised the results of the recent referendum held in Nunthorpe : 

Total number of eligible voters in Nunthorpe = 4,140 (Tees Valley Unlimited)

Total votes cast - 793 = 19% of community responded 
Yes vote - 604 = 76% of votes cast 
No vote - 149 = 19% of votes cast 
Undecided vote - 40 = 5% of vote cast:

10 March 2013 

Press Statement from Nunthorpe Parish Council on the proposed move from Middlesbrough Unitary Authority to North Yorks County Council

On the 4th December letters were sent to Middlesbrough Borough Council, Hambleton District Council and North Yorkshire County Council by Nunthorpe Parish Council, requesting that each authority sanctions a review by the Local Government Boundary Commission for England to enable Nunthorpe to return to the governance of North Yorkshire County Council. 

The original move of Nunthorpe from North Yorkshire followed the creation of the county borough of Teesside in 1968. It then became part of the County of Cleveland in 1974 and latterly, in 1996 became part of the Unitary Authority of Middlesbrough Borough Council.

Middlesbrough Unitary Authority and the parish of Nunthorpe appear to be heading towards an irrevocable breakdown. It has become apparent over a number of years that Nunthorpe is at the very bottom of Middlesbrough Borough Council’s list of priorities. The community has gradually lost most of its Council provided facilities, even before the present economic downturn. The Town Hall appears to no longer listen to the community and their Ward Councillor representatives. The exercise of democracy under the present Mayor-led regime is clearly not being directed towards Nunthorpe.

The semi-rural character of Nunthorpe, a relatively green suburb, is being gradually eroded by inappropriate housing development proposals. This represents a short term financial gain to the Borough against a long term loss of essential boundary green space. All this neglect and lack of consideration is happening despite Nunthorpe being a major contributor of Council tax revenue to the local authority and with its residents providing a respected, high quality, work force supporting the Middlesbrough economy.

If Nunthorpe continues its relationship with the Middlesbrough Unitary Authority it will eventually lose its unique identity by being subsumed into the conurbation of greater Middlesbrough. Many in the community of Nunthorpe consider a change of governance to the more sympathetic and supportive North Yorkshire County Council would prevent this loss and would allow Nunthorpe to retain, and perhaps improve, the character of which our residents are inordinately proud.

Subject - Middlesbrough Council's recent decision in  to raise the Council Tax by 1.99%  for 2013/2014. The Council were one of the few Councils across the country to reject the Government's offer of a 2.5% grant and commit to an undertaking to freeze the Council tax for the following year, 2015/ 2016.

It would appear Middlesbrough Council would rather extract their 1.99% raised Council Tax from the already hard hit residents of Middlesbrough than accept a Government grant offered in good faith.

Certainly Nunthorpe residents are not too happy with Middlesbrough Council!!!!!

Below is a letter from a dissatisfied Nunthorpe resident


15 May 2012

Dear Editor,

                   Some people prefer to believe that a Parish Councillor when speaking on matters political or indeed in defence of the parish in which he or she resides can only do so as a member of that Parish Council. Of course this is not true at all, for Parish Councillors pay their taxes and Community Charges as well as being residents and members of the community in which they live and serve, just like everyone else. What it is perhaps true to say is that a person who has become a Parish Council member has perhaps taken a keen interest in the area in which he or she resides, with a tendancy to be more pro active in matters which directly affect their own parish, good and bad.

 It must be remembered that Parish Councils are non politically directed organisations without political motivation or drive. A Parish Council represents the whole community in which it serves, for the good of that community.   

 Ward Councillors are also members of communities, they too pay taxes and Community Charges, however they are political animals, representing their own flavour of party or independance, offering a professed political opinion which they have presented to the electorate, who in turn have then chosen to vote them into office. They too must represent the Ward for which they serve at all times expressing and defending the interests of their communities.

 When there appears to be a conflict of interest which has recently come to residents attention, as indeed there has been with regard to Community Charge increases amounting to 10.5% over the next three years. It is a very unwelcome response, when asking a Ward Councillor why that person, a member of  Middlesbrough Borough Councils Executive, chose to vote with that body, against the interests of the Ward represented, by openly stating "if you don't like what I have done you can vote me out in two years time".

 I asked this Ward Councillor whether she had consulted with the community prior to casting her vote. I also asked why, when each Authority was offered £1.25 million pounds in order to offset increases in the Community Charge, especially today in these financially troubled times, why this person chose to ignore central government cash handouts in favour of penalising those of us here in Nunthorpe by increasing the Community Charges.

 This Ward Councillor could have stood firmly in favour of rejection to those increases, but would not have succeeded, because of a one party majority within MBC, but would have received accolades of support in that rejection even if it had been a futile exercise. But NO, this Ward Councillor and Executive Member of MBC stood firmly in support of the Executive decision not to accept the government handout which over 80% of other councils accepted, in favour of a 10.5% graduated increase to those of us in Middlesbrough who can afford to pay at this present moment. The problem is that not all can, we all know this.

 We have been informed by this Ward Councillor that the Conservative Party is already canvassing support with a view to winning the next elections here in Nunthorpe. In the same breath Nunthorpe Parish Council stands accused of being politically motivated in questioning the decisions of our Ward Councillors which affect the day to day lives of all of us who live within this Parish.

 My response is quite simple, if you put yourself up for election, you put yourself before the community for open scrutinisation and criticism of your performance. Nunthorpe is the priority, it must be the first consideration of a Ward Councillor, not MBC. 

 As a matter of interest both of our Ward Councillors were in favour of this substantial increase to the Community Charge. 

 Therefore, without prejudice and without being politically motivated, would you the electorate, have preferred to have had our Ward Councillors and the Executive of Middlesbrough Borough Council reject or accept the offer made by central government of a £1.25 million cash injection rather than a rate increase of such magnitude.

 I have yet to meet anyone, apart from a Ward Councillor that is, who has agreed with these people to once again being asked to dig deeply into our own pockets in order to fund a poorly managed Local Authority.

 If this is being politically motivated I stand guilty of all charges but I do not repent. 

 I want to see Ward Councillors fight for the communities for which they were elected to represent and not support failing and ailing councils. "If you don't like what I have done then vote me out at the next election" is notan answer that I expected.


Nicholas Hill

 - letter sent as a dissatisfied Council Tax payer.