A summary of the upcoming Middlesbrough Council Local Plan 2018

posted 28 Oct 2017, 11:13 by My Nunthorpe   [ updated 2 Nov 2017, 09:54 ]

Definitely more like moving backward!!!!

The proposed Middlesbrough Local Plan 2018

by Bob Mullen - my summary of the situation

With the radical change in Central Government planning policies in 2012 a new Middlesbrough Local Plan was required to replace the earlier 2009 Local Development Framework (LDF). This Local Plan was adopted in 2014 and included a Core Strategy and a Council Housing Strategy to cover a 15 year period from 2012 through to 2029.

 Under the central Government regulations a Local Plan also has to be reviewed annually. This is undertaken via an Annual Monitoring Report (AMR).  The AMR is then used to consider any need to review the current Local Plan, both specifically and generally, to ensure the Plan is responsive to changing circumstances. The three criteria that may lead to an amendment are:-

  • Policies not being implemented
  • Policies not achieving the desired outcomes
  • Policies no longer consistent with national planning policy

Following changing circumstances since 2014 the Council considered that a complete renewal of the Local Plan was required (it is likely some of the suggested housing sites may not actually be available to meet their projected housing requirement). The new Local Plan will incorporate a considerable change of existing Council policies by entirely replacing the Core Strategy, the 2014 Housing Local Plan and associated Regeneration Plan documents.

 The 2014 Housing Plan called for 6,970 houses to be built across Middlesbrough over the 2012-2029 period.  In Nunthorpe this included Grey Towers Village – 295 houses, south of Guisborough Road – 250 houses, Ford Close Riding Centre – 50 houses. It is possible the actual number of houses required until 2029 (6,970 houses) may not change but it is likely a number of the original preferred locations could have been dropped since 2014 for various reasons.

 To address the AMR’s findings Middlesbrough Council has launched a new “Local Plan 2018”. Their first step in publicising the proposed Plan was to introduce two consultations:-

In December 2016 the “Local Plan 2018 Issues Report” was released to the residents of Middlesbrough for public consultation. Also in December 2016 a second consultation was released to interested landowners in Middlesbrough who may be willing to offer their land for housing development. The results of this consultation will form the “Housing Land Availability Assessment” (HLAA) in which the Council will evaluate the suitability of offered land for housing development.

 The next consultation step by Middlesbrough Council will be the “Local Plan 2018 Options Report” consultation when we will discover if the housing numbers have changed upwards or downwards and which areas of land the Council prefer for their proposed housing development. We are advised this will be a 6 week consultation commencing at some time in November 2017.

I suspect areas in Nunthorpe now potentially under further threat include those sites looked at in the original recommendations as feasible in the 2011 SHLAA but not included in the 2014 Housing Strategy section of the Local Plan.

Poole Hospital Office site – 16 houses (brought forward and already built)

Lady Harrisons Field – 60 houses

South of Guisborough Road – 2011 SHLAA figure 321 houses, of which 250 houses were accepted in the 2014 Housing Strategy – balance left is 71 houses (NB part of this land includes the Nunthorpe Park recreation area)

Nunthorpe Grange Farm – 184 houses

Field House – No 2011 SHLAA estimate was provided but likely to be 50 houses (NB part of this land includes the Nunthorpe Wetland Park)

Other areas possibly under threat but not identified in 2014  are:-

Nunthorpe Hall Farm paddock – estimated 25 houses

Land west and north of Nunthorpe Village, recently obtained by directors of Grey Towers Park (Poole) – estimated 50 to 100 houses.

Nunthorpe always has been a target for housing, some of us are happy to be here as we all paid a premium to live in this green leafy suburb. Unfortunately, the Council's housing plans will have the unfortunate effect of making Nunthorpe just part of a conurbation no different from anywhere else.