Nunthorpe Community Council gets a new lease of life

posted 14 Mar 2018, 10:54 by My Nunthorpe   [ updated 14 Mar 2018, 10:56 ]
Following the recent AGM the Nunthorpe Community Council has come under new ownership. The new Chairman is Coucillor Jon Rathmel.

At last evening's meeting (13 March 2018) the Chairman advised a new Execitive Member structure is to be put in place. The following posts are to be filled with enthusiastic Nunthorpe residents who really care about their community.Names and contact details of the committee members will be advised as soon as posible, they will always be availble to assist residents where and when needed. The new posts are:-
Chair who will coordinate the Community Council activities and represent Nunthorpe to other organisations including Middlesbrough Council, Cleveland Police and others.

Vice Chair will work with the Chair to review and strengthen the Community Council constitution

Secretary will keep minutes, book meeting rooms and send out correspondence on behalf of the community council;

Treasurer will provide a financial report at each meeting and circulate to members any grant requests. They will also draft a new grant application form and protocol

Executive Officer for Highways & Infrastructure - they will deal with everything from potholes, resurfacing and schemes such as Dixon’s Bank.

Executive Officer for Parks and Green Spaces - they will be responsible for dealing with issues relating to Nunthorpe’s Green Spaces and playgrounds.

Executive Officer for Environment - they will deal with waste collection issues, new bin requests etc.

Executive Officer for Planning - they will deal with any planning objections and weekly planning lists reporting on any for Nunthorpe and if they require an objection.

Executive Officer for Grants - they will search and apply for community grants while identifying projects that we can develop and receive grant funding for.

Executive Officer for Schools - they will liaise with local schools and offer support for community based projects.

The public Community Council meetings will be every two months as usual. Residents will be advised of the meetings by a leaflet drop carried out with the help of enthusiastic leafletting volunteers.